Solar warming, Pinner Couloir Mt Laurel

Pinner Couloir
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 4:15pm
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We headed to the Pinner couloir today on Mt Laurel hoping that the brisk wind and thin cloud cover wouldn’t be enough to keep things locked up and crusty.

Leaving the car around 7 am the temperature was cold and refrozen surface snow made for quick walking up the summer trail to the base of the couloir. Light to moderate SW winds were blowing and thin cloud cover was diluting the solar gain for the bulk of our ascent. Thankfully the clouds cleared up and the winds died down just enough as we reached the summit to allow for some decent surface warming for our descent. we made a quick run to the register and enjoyed the view for a few minutes with sunny skies, calm winds and temperatures in the mid 20°s. We began our descent at around 1130 and found decent corn skiing for the majority of the descent. Above 11,000' so the surface remained hard and slick albeit edge-able but Below 11,000' or so where the couloir makes a slight dogleg to the right the sun had softened things up nicely and provided some great soft turns. There may have been enough warming along the sunny wall (skiers left) to see some minor Loose wet activity but on the whole, the risk was minimal in the pinner today.  
we did observe that in several areas where there are tight chokes and large rocks things are getting pretty thin. I also observed several areas where the snow has cracked full depth and is beginning to separate. I don’t think this area will survive much longer with uninterrupted snow coverage if our current weather pattern holds.

Other observations from the convict zone focused on the dwindling low elevations snowpack. we assessed that it is still possible to get up and down the lower moraine to tobacco flats but again this access probably won't last long if we continue to see warm spring-like conditions.

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