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Monday, February 13, 2017 - 11:15am
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37° 35' 58.1208" N, 118° 57' 16.7004" W
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Route- From propane tanks in Mammoth over the moraines to the bottom of Tele Bowls, up Solitude Canyon and the next moraine, up north face of Solitude. Back down the same way. Clear skies, calm wind, warm temps.

1015- Day old D1.5 loose wet avalanche on NE aspect of skier's right Tele Bowl. Started at about 8500' and ran for about 200', looked natural, decent debris pile at the bottom. See photo.

1040- Air temp at 8600' already 1 deg C. and warming. Snow on north and west aspects cold, dry, F hard powder; snow with any sun already moist. About 3 D1-D2 loose wet slides on the east face of Bardini originating from around rock outcrops between 9600 and 9800'. These larger slides were from Sunday. We saw a few small roller balls come down but no new entrainment.

1100- Multiple hand shears pulled soft, barely consolidated blocks with moderate force. Top snowpack in Solitude is similar to other places around the Mammoth area: 30-40cm of F hard decomposing fragments on top of 10cm of F+ decomposing fragments on top of the 3cm thick, P hard Feb. 9th rain crust on top of 4F very moist, large round grains.

1115- Top of the moraine below the north face of Solitude. Natural R2 D2.5 soft slab running from the top of the looker's right of the main V shaped bowl all the way down to the bottom of the moraine. See photo. Crown was just under a small cornice at the ridge line (10300') on a 35-40 degree slope, NNE aspect. Thin layer of wind deposited snow on top of the debris from the post storm breeziness. A few small trees snapped in the path. Probably slid late Friday or Saturday.

-Snow surface on the sides of the path was 1-4cm rimed surface hoar. Small cascades of those crystals slowly tumbling their way down the bed surface of the slide path. Localized cracking on kick turn tests, but no shooting cracks. Skiing in the trees on north and west facing slopes was pretty good powder although we were bouncing off of the rain crust as we got lower.

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Wet debris on skier's R Tele Bowl
R2 D2 on Solitude
Debris on Solitude
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