V Bowl

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Monday, March 27, 2017 - 12:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Rapid warming
Obvious avalanche path
37° 55' 38.568" N, 119° 11' 31.776" W
Snowpit Observations
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Route- Up V Bowl from the parking area and up to the top of the point on the E side of the Bowl. Took a look around the plateau under East Peak and Dana, back down the Bowl.

1100 at 8080' on NE aspect starting up the bottom of V Bowl- Top of the snowpack: 0-5cm F hard, moist new snow, 6-15cm 1F hard moist melt-freeze crust, below 15cm large 4F hard moist rounds. Tair = 3C, Foot pen = 5cm, Sky = few clouds, Wind = calm with light gusts from the W.

1130 at 8400' in the middle of V Bowl, NNE aspect- Snow surfaces vary with subtle changes in aspect. NW aspects have less new snow on the MFcr, E aspects have 1-10cm thick wind drifts. Occasional light W winds with localized light rolling snow across the Bowl.

1145 at 8800', N aspect- Multiple hand shears show good bonding between less wind affected new snow and the old MFcr.

1200 at 8995' on an ENE aspect just below the steep roll into the top of the Bowl- Wind slab below the top of the bowl was touchy. Localized cracking at kick turns. Hand shears failed while cutting (see video). Putting down my pack above the skin track cracks propagated 5' in either direction and down to the skin track. Slab depth between 1 and 20cm, 4F hard over F hard new snow over MFcr. Again, new snow bonded well to crust, but isolated wind slabs were breaking above the new snow. Stomped on several test slopes and small cornices on E and N aspects with no results or only local cracking.

1210 in the open flat above the Bowl at 9120', NE aspect- 10cm new snow here, F hard. Foot pen = 10cm, Tair = 0C, Sky = few clouds, Wind = light from the W with occasional and short moderate gusts. Blowing snow on the top of Dana and East Peak (see video). S aspects at 9650' were softening melt-freeze surfaces, N aspects were wind deposited snow, W aspects were wind stripped.

Skiing down was softening to good corn around 1215 on ENE aspects below 9000'.

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