Warming in June Lake Backcountry

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Saturday, March 13, 2021 - 12:00pm
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Toured in the June Lake BC today, climbing from and descending to the road. Coverage is adequate for easy travel up and down. At 0830 this morning snow was bannering off of the peaks of the Sierra Crest visible from HWY 158 to north of the Tioga Pass Road.  Some mid-slope features on a variety of aspects were receiving light snow transport on Carson Peak.

HS was between 115 to 160 cm in sheltered NTL terrain. New snow had settled to between 20-40 cm. In some areas this new snow rested on firm old wind board, but seemed to be bonding well to that surface indicated by kick turn tests and hand shears. Probing revealed weak, likely faceted snow above the ground. Skies were clear and winds were calm up to 10,000' where winds were light out of the North. Trees had been blown free of snow, with small telltales on the snow surface, and isolated pockets of soft wind deposited snow at this elevation. We saw no evidence of storm slab instability throughout our tour and observed no natural avalanche activity from a high vantage point. Descending steep N facing terrain at about we did not trigger any loose dry snow and found no evidence of wind slabs. 

Steep solar aspects were shedding small rollerballs from rockbands by 11:00. The snow surface was becoming moist and sticky on an E aspect where we skinned up for another lap to 9400'. Recent small loose snow slides had fallen from steep east facing cliff bands into the N facing gully we descended but were of no consequence. 

The wind transport on the high peaks had lost some of its steam by the time we reached the road, but Mt. Wood and Parker Peak were still putting on a pretty good show.

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