WE NEED YOU to submit your backcountry and avalanche observations!

Sun, Jan 15 2017 PM -08:00

Please help!  Post your observations to our site under the "Participate" Tab.

Field observations are an invaluable source of information to help everyone who travels in the backcountry make safe decisions.  These observations are crucial to ESAC’s forecasting efforts. 

We want to encourage everyone who ventures into the snowy backcountry to look at the snow with a critical eye, be safe, and share valuable information with us and the community.

Your observations can be as simple or as detailed and complex as you would like.  Useful information includes:  Evidence of recent avalanche activity (please estimate when it occured); Weather information such as winds, visible snow transport, temperatures, precipitation; Snowpack information such as pit profiles, stability tests, new snow amounts, degree of surface melting and softening on warmer days; Signs of instability such shooting cracks and whoomphing; and riding and skiing conditions.  If you would like to take the extra step to use standardized measurements, use this link to the Snow Weather and Avalanche Observational Guidelines for help: http://www.americanavalancheassociation.org/swag/.  But please don't let perfection dissuade you from submitting observations in general layman's terms!

Observations can be submitted through the www.esavalanche.org website for only the forecasters to see, or for the general public to see, your choice.  Also please remember, we aren’t asking you to go anywhere you wouldn’t normally go.  Don’t put yourself at risk for an observation!  Be safe, make good decisions, and share your findings. 


Thanks, and be safe out there! 


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