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Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 1:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Kid Mountain 37° 6' 49.2696" N, 118° 25' 39.1908" W
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Spent the last week touring in a number of locations:  Meysen Creek/Mt Irvine, Rock Creek/Ruby Lake area, Puite Craigs, and South Fork Big Pine Creek/Kid mountain.

Not surprisingly, the snow pack was much more of a concern after the storm on Monday/Tuesday.  High winds continued into Wednesday evening in the South Fork area.  Ridgetop near Norman Clyde and Disappointment was a blowing storm of snow and much deposit was occuring in areas below.  Pulled the plug at about 10K' near Brainerd Lake/South Fork Big Pine due to increasing wind slab.  Quick column test resulted in a CTH/Q1 release about 70cm into the snow pack.  The layers indicated about 20cm of new wind slab on about a 2 cm of ice crust followed by the next layer that released.  Interesting and more complex snowpack than was expected when digging started.

Lots of naturals observed starting at about 1300, mid day.  Defintely need to aware of what is above ones self right now.

Yesterday we tried a more north aspect on Kid with the intent to harvest corn.  Again, at about 10K we ran into the new wind slab that was still quite hollow and punchy.  It did not seem like good skiing combined with the chance of pulling out.  Stopped going up here and waited for the snow to warm below.  Great corn ski from this point back to Big Pine Creek. Of note, in the am the tour up was spicey.  Ski crampon and whipet were a must.

Great week of touring.  Lots of snow available.  Expect that once the new wind and storm layers stabilize, there will be some very good skiing for quite a while.  At least that is what I am hoping:-)



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Snow accumulation is very variable based on wind deposit.  Isolated wind slab is existent.

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