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Thank you! Focus = timing and extent on snow softening

Thank you to all who came to the Observer Network night training.  We hope you all learned something, and are eager for your observations!  For those who were not able to attend, we are still encouraging you all to submit your observations to the website.  Please contact josh@esavalanche or doug@esavalanche with any questions.  

During this high and dry period, please focus your observations on the timing and extent of snow softening.  Time/aspect/elevation/terrain type, how deep the snow is moist, how deep ski/boot penetration is, signs of rollerball activity/point releases, air temperature.  Thank you!!

Here is a link to the Snow Weather Avalanche Guidelines (SWAG) manual that sets the standards for recording information and observations about snowpack/weather/avalanche.   This is a great resource, and gives guidance on what observations are useful and relevant.  Again, feel free to use common language if that is easier, but we encourage you to take a look at this and incorporate this technical jargan when you can.  

If you are on Instagram, please follow us!  esavalanche.  

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