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Thanks for the post of this

Thanks for the post of this video ... a good reminder that side-country access from lifts is still back country, both interms of extra thought and consideration that should be used in deciding when and where to ski, and making sure everyone in the party has basic avy grear (beacon/shovel/probe) and how to use it.  Glad no one was hurt.  I might not agree with the blanket statement to avoid sunny south facing slopes ... there can be great safe skiing to be had on those slopes at this time of year, but after storms during rapid temperature rises is definitly a red-flag time period.  Timing is everything on these slopes ... and depends on clouds, winds, sunniness, temperatures, elevation.  Too early and the firm slide-for-life conditions is a greater concern than avalanches, and too late the slopes become unsupportable and the risk rises for wet- avalanche activity.     

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